My Day Will Come.. Regardless!!!!

Fam, I have always kept it real with you and I will continue to do so. This album has been plagued by delays and all sorts of challenges but I’m not deterred one bit, I am fuelled by your support.
As we speak the album is out and enjoying some circulation. Thank you for the support to those who already have a copy.

Recently I had to get back into studio to re-record the Hook for my single “My day will come.” Reason being there were some disagreements with the respective labels of the artists involved and the best way to proceed was to re-record.

This means getting back into studio and this time I employed the services of the incredibly talented Kabomo. Let it be known that Jsomething, Mo-T and I have absolutely no beef and it’s all love, just some admin challenges that we were unable to resolve.

This means that the album will be re-printed with the new version of the song and will be available soon. The new single will also be sent to radio stations to replace the current one.

Thank you all once again for your patience, understanding and unflinching support.

A special thank you to Universal Music, Jobie my manager and of course my brother Kabomo for having my back and coming to my rescue.

My Day Will come…


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