Microphone Sweet Home

Microphone sweet home

Uhh, Microphone sweet home, ProVerb, Nyamza on beats, Outrageous.


yo, Aiyo it’s no coincidence that my album is dropping on March 4th/ cause I’m a

Soldier and that is the day that I march forth/ to start war bringing the

Hardcore into this art form/ using the mic as a dart industry is my dartboard/ my

Heart pours for anybody who wants to beef/ you have a soul of a shoe that is

Cheap get used to defeat/ I spit so many rhymes I leave you with a bruise on a

Cheek/ Like Sthetescope on boards of production you get a good beat/

the hood Speaks through me/ with the live volume of Tumi/ I drop knowledge

buying my Album is like paying school fees/ so take notes while I tutor emcees/

once you Put the cd in, take a look at the sleeve it’s a book read/ it took me, long

like a Bout with Tyson no doubt/ the heavy weight bites but it was finally knocked

Out/ and dropped down when it knocked ground/ Evander Holyfield of this

Rap but my wait stops now/


I’ve learnt survival like soldiers do/ been trying to grow its true/ tightening flows

By spending time in the vocal booth/ in my writing I spoke the truth/ like I’m

Supposed to do/ now its undeniable my arrival is overdue/ in it with whole mind

Body spirit and soul/ never needed a gimmick to blow just lyrics and flow/ if

There were rap Olympics I would go/ and enter freestyles written and both/ and

I’m guaranteed on lifting the gold/ No longer freestyle off the top of the head/

Now I freestyle off the top of the heart that’s why I forgot what I said/ I got it

On locked like a dread/ I been waiting to rock for the heads/ I lost patience

Like hospital beds/ haters will runback/ P.R.O’s making a comeback/ an athlete

In the starting block waiting to run track/ and take lead in the front pack/ I been

On my marks I got ready just waiting for the gun clap/


Look Letter was all that/ but I got tracks with better formats/ you should’ve

Known the heat was coming like a weather forecast/ I never been one hit wonder

And that’s for a fact/ unless you’re talking ’bout when I tap and never call back/

It’s way beyond a hook and a rhyme/ look and you’ll find/ I’m bringing library

Of rhymes a book at a time/ words were carefully chosen that’s why took so

Much time/ the patience of a fisherman to get you hooked on a line/ you see

Picking the right words/ and spitting a tight verse/ is just tip of the iceberg/ listen

To my work/ this kid is a mic burner/ more hits than Ike turner/ like the sun I had

To rise to enlighten the world/ I breathe songs with beats on/ even on my birth

Certificate reads he was born to speak poems/ Like Madiba it’s been a long

Walk to freedom/ but I’m finally here, Microphone sweet home..


You might’ve known I been gone, but I’m finally back

Microphone sweet home

Here to recite a poem with beats on, and it’s way beyond rap

Microphone sweet home